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Sponsorship and Participation

Kindly use the form below for taking puja or kitchen sponsorship or to volunteer for kitchen responsibility. 

Sponsorship and Participation

Kindly use the form below for taking sponsorship or to volunteer for kitchen responsibility.

Jai Jinendra. Thank you for expressing interest in sposoring an event. If applicable, you can use one of the payment options listed on the home page and we shall email the reciept to you.

Puja sponsorship:

Sunday samuhik puja sponsorship amount has been kept as $201. Multiple families can join together to take sponsorship for pujal. We recommend the sponsoring family to participate in Abhishek and puja.

Kitchen volunteer:

SJM is operated by it's volunteers and it is a zero payroll organization. We always welcome visitors at SJM as we would welcome guests at our home. Every Sunday we serve Jain vegetarian lunch to all our visitors. To make this arrangement, several community members sign up to take ownership of making kitchen arrangements. All the grocery bill is paid by the temple. 


Kitchen cooking guidelines:

Only vegetarian food is allowed, further there are some prohibitions -

  • Prohibitions – root vegetables (potatoes, carrots, radish, etc.), tamsik vegetable such as onion, garlic, eggplant, brinjal, etc extending to cauliflower, figs, honey, etc.

  • Only filtered water should be used for all cooking purposes.

  • Extra care should be taken if you are purchasing grocery. E.g. read ingredients for items that contains gelatin, rennet.

  • Items especially Indian sweets that are covered in silver vark/foil should not be brought to the temple.

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