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About Sri Jain Mandir

Founding and Pratishtha:

Out of a greater need to practice and promote Jainism, the Jain community in GTA founded the temple. Sri Jain Mandir Toronto also referred to as SJM by it's members, was established at 247 Park Lawn Road Toronto on 1st January 2001 by a group of Jain families in GTA.  Thereafter, every year 1st January is celebrated as the founding day, with large number of members participating in the day's activities.


We have the following beautiful idols of Tirthankars in the temple:

  1. Mahaveer swami (moolnayak) - 2.6 feet white marble in padmasan posture

  2. Adinath swami - 2 feet high in white marble in padmasan posture

  3. Parshwanath swami - 2 feet high in black marble in padmasan posture

  4. Neminath swami - 9 inch high in black marble in padmasan posture


*There were 3 metal idols in addition to the existing ones, which were stolen in an unfortunate burglary incident in 2008.

Padmavati Mata Idol Sthapna:

On July 1st 2003, Padmavati devi idol was installed under the guidance of Bhattarakji in the temple.


Practicing Jainism in Canada:
Located in Etobicoke, Toronto, the temple is easily accessible to a majority of the practicing families across GTA. With the context of living outside India, the members practice core principles of Jainism with utmost dedication. The members make an earnest attempt at practicing the principles in their daily lives and passing it to the next generation. 

Be a part:

SJM continues to serve the purpose it set out for. Practice and promote Jainism in GTA, Canada. Over the years, member participation at the temple has been growing. It is a pleasure to welcome new Jain families to the community. Reach out the temple via the Contact Us section.

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