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Membership Details

Membership Benefits:

  1. Support your own community, temple and beloved organization

  2. Strengthen membership roaster

  3. Free or discounted tickets to SJM sponsored events such as picnic, summer camps, and other events

Membership Rights:

  1. Voting in AGM or other meetings in SJM

  2. Access to SJM documents and financial statements

  3. Nominating, voting, and contesting in election for executive committee positions in SJM

  4. Seek information and propose changes on operational procedures in SJM

Membership Terms:

  1. All membership will have expiry date for 31st December to keep easy maintenance. Annual membership will expire on 31st December of the year in which membership was taken or renewed.

  2. Life membership will expire on 31st December of the 20th year from the year in which membership was taken or renewed.

  3. Membership will be non-transferable.

  4. Membership can be renewed within 6 months from the expiry of current active membership.

  5. Membership fees are subjected to change at the time of renewal.

  6. Members will begin voting and contesting in election 3 months after they take membership for the first time.

  7. Please note that Sri Jain Mandir does not share your information with any third party. Your information will be used only for Mandir’s communication purpose.

Membership Fees

Login for Existing Members

Feature will be enabled soon

Members Registered with SJM will be able to log-in in with their registered e-mail addresses and view the content exclusive to members. 

To become a member get in touch with us through the Contact Us section.

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